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Hi everyone, so I understand the first thing your liver does is destroy the alcohol before anything else in our body. Because of this, it makes losing weight extremely hard and longer because say if you did not drink alcohol your liver just destroys fat and any other nasty unwanted stuff in your body. When you drink alcohol it is sent to the liver straight away and takes ages to destroy and anything you eat comes after the hard work of the alcohol being destroyed.


My question to the clever people here is do you think I could lose weight by having 2 x 500 ML cans of beer per day? My diet is very limited at the moment, I am trying so hard, exercising for 30 minutes per day, but I am an idiot and I drink 4 x 440 ML cans of beer a day.


Whats happening is I am not losing weight, and I know I must sound so stupid but I have been trying so hard with my eating and exercise, ok I lost 7 pounds in a month and I am due to weigh myself in May but I feel extremely bloated as of late and I bet I have put the weight back on despite continuing to exercise and eat carefully, I think those 7 pounds were most likely just water weight as as I type this I feel so bloated it is unbelievable, something tells me my next weigh in I am going to be so angry at myself despite trying.


So I will be cutting down to 2 cans a day in May as long as I can lose weight on 2 cans, but if you guys and girls tell me that even 2 cans a day are going to make me not lose weight then I'll just have to stop drinking the rubbish, because that's what it is and I know it but it's a long story why I drink I promise you.


On a final note, what is with these people that seem to be able to live on takeaways everyday, big fry ups for breakfasts, crisps, sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks throughout the day, and endless amounts of after work beer/ other alcoholic drinks and be as skinny as anything?! That really confuses me because they say "calories in vs calories out" is what weight gain/ loss is, so I just wonder and wonder haha.


Thanks so much for reading everyone and all the best :)


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