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6 Months and still enjoying myself.

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Hello Everyone,


In January 2018 after relocating to a different area of the country my new doctors advised after doing the usual

New patient medical that I would benefit from a health and well-being course at the Gym with discounted entry.


I have always been big,obese,fat what ever the term is these days so being told this at 43 by my doctors wasn't

A surprise but more of a acknowledgement that I needed to get my s**t together.


I did the 5 month course of gentle supervised cardio and weights at the gym going Mon,Wed and Friday swimming

With a complete over hall of what I was eating


This where going well and I went from 165KG @ 5ft 11" and after the 5 months down to 153KG I felt great being able to walk

Without my legs hurting and generally feeling a lot better about myself.  


So I decided to join the gym full time/ and and up the frequency of attendance to Mon,Tue,Thu and either Sat or Sun with Fri swimming I asked 1 of the personal trainers for some advise

And they gave me a free 1hr personal training session in which they sorted me a training programme that we agreed would be review in 6 to 8 weeks.


I am currently doing the following:


20 step-ups x 9, Then 1 machine from the air circuit (9 machines in total) i.e squat, leg press, shoulder press etc.

Squat Press x 20 reps with 7KG Medicine Ball, 20 push-ups then farmers walk (100yds) 20KG dumbbells complete this 3 times

Treadmill, 2 mins @ 5kph then 2 mins @ 6.3kph slow jog complete this 3 times

I'm also doing weights in rotation:

Rotation 1: AB Crunch, Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Leg Press

Rotation 2: AB Crunch, Shoulder Press, Vertical Track, Chest Press, Low Row.


I have put some info below showing measurements taken at start 24/01 to today 22/07.


24/01/2018                                                                                22/07/2018

Biceps, L 42cm / R 42cm/                                                        L 39cm / R 39cm

Calf's, L 47.5 cm / R 47cm                                                       L 45cm / R 47cm

Chest, 135cm                                                                            134cm

Forearms, L 33cm / R 33cm                                                    L 32 cm / 34 cm

Hips, 130cm                                                                              128cm

Neck, 49cm                                                                               47cm

Shoulders, 142cm                                                                   135cm

Thigh, L 70cm / R 72cm                                                         L 65cm / R 67cm

Waist, 162cm                                                                           134cm


When I started the new programme in June I have progressed with the weights as per below:

June 4th                                                            July 22nd

Leg Curl 35KG                                                   40KG

Leg Exten 30KG                                                35KG

Leg Press 100KG                                              130KG

Shoulder Press 20KG                                       25KG

Vertical Track 50KG                                         60KG

Chest Press 35KG                                            40KG

Low Row 40KG                                                 50KG

Ab Crunch 40kg                                                45KG


There is a few things I could do with being advised on:

Am I overdoing it? I feel great but achy most of the time.


My diet as advised has been completely  overhauled, My wife is on slimming world and so far in 12 months or so 

Has lost 6 to 7 stone so I started eating like she has but have noticed that my weight has started to creep up slightly by 4KG and fluctuates between 155KG to 158KG is this normal?


Is there anything that would help me get a boost before I head to the gym? I do a physical warehouse job so after 8 hrs my

Energy levels are usually flagging so a extra boost would be great?


Sorry this post is a bit long winded but I need advise on what I can do to improve my current programme, if need be to get the

Most out of my gym time as I am from Monday going to be training as follows: Mon gym, Tue gym, Wed off, Thu gym,Fri gym and either sat or sun swimming.


Thanks for the advise


All the best Ed.








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Well done, keep it up!!

You don't say what time of day you train and everyone is different,

Try out what works best for you remembering your muscles need protein to repair after workouts.

You also need to fuel up beforehand (healthy cards), a good night meal before morning sessions and lunch meal before evening sessions



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Thanks for the advise much appreciated.


I train early afternoon about 4pm and usually have my lunch at 1:30pm

This normally consists of either:


 2 to 3 Ham.Tomato & Salad wraps

Or a medium salad with 1 to 2 hard boiled eggs and a bit of ham or chicken.


I do have another break at 3pm and I would normally have a medium banana.


For my tea after the gym it can vary but usually its one of the below:

Jacket potato

2 to 3 wraps if I had salad for lunch

Pasta with either gammon piece in a light sauce 


Any more advise would be great.


Thanks Ed 





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