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New to fitness/weight loss, please advise

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Hi, my name is Mark

I am 16 stone (224 pound) and 5 ft 7. For a while now, I have seen my body weight increasing slightly. I am now at a stage where I want to become and look more healthy and include health eating and becoming fitter. 

My goal is to lose weight quick (I know everybody wants that) but I am between jobs so I have the time and will be committed to make sure I achieve this. My goal is to be around 13.5/14 stone.

I would rather an intense workout rather than a few minutes a day. I will be doing most of my workouts in the local park in the evening.

Could someone please advise what exercises  I should be doing please, and for how long etc. Also, I have 2 dumbbells at 5kg each, would these be useful in any exercises I do? I know that I have to cut down on carbs and calories, can someone please advise a rough carb and calorie reduction as a guide.

I will appreciate any suggestions or advice.  

Thank you.



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