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The UFC anti-burst gym ball is designed to enhance agility, and flexibility whilst improving balance and core strength at the same time. The potential use of the gym ball is very wide and versatile ranging from yoga, pilates, physio and free weight exercises, it can be also successfully incorporated into post-surgery rehabilitation. The ball features a ribbed texture that improves grip to perform tougher exercises with confidence, plus it is designed using sustainable materials. Additionally, it’s a great choice for improving core stability and posture while sitting at your desk, and it is shipped with a handy inflating pump. **KEY FEATURES** – Excellent for building flexibility and balance – Great for improving core strength and posture – Perfect for developing abs, back muscles, glutes and legs – Makes a great choice for yoga, pilates and physio – Can be used for sitting – Suitable for rehabilitation or during pregnancy – Environment-friendly – Ribbing for added grip –





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