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The Viavito 500kg Studio anti-burst 55cm gym ball is a versatile and dynamic piece of fitness equipment designed to help you improve balance, coordination, and flexibility. This heavy-duty stability ball helps to strengthen your core, ensures back pain relief, and allows for maintaining the natural curve of your spine. Suitable for stability exercises, yoga, Pilates, weight training and physiotherapy, this resilient and bouncy ball is suitable for users under 168cm in height. It is anti-burst rated at 500kg and comes with a practical hand pump and a specially designed tape measure for correct inflation. To promote a better posture, the ball can be used as a chair and offers a maximum user weight of 150kg. **KEY FEATURES:** – Heavy-duty exercise ball – Suitable for core strengthening, stability exercises, yoga, Pilates, weight training and physiotherapy – Improves coordination and flexibility – Can be used for sit-ups, back exercises, stretching, balance and resistance work – Suitable





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