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The Viavito Setry is an elliptical trainer and bike combined into one machine. This saves you space as compared with having both a bike and a cross trainer but its real benefit is that you can switch between different types of exercise without having to stop while transitioning from one to the other. This allows you to work up a real sweat and get an all over body workout on a machine that’s compact, yet sturdy. The 5kg (11lbs) flywheel and 31.2cm (12.3″) stride length ensure that exercising is comfortable and smooth and with 32 levels of electronically controlled magnetic resistance you’ll always find a level of difficulty that’s just right for you. With a simple switch on the back of the console you can easily flick from metric to imperial settings (KM/MPH) so you can always view your workout data in a form that’s easy to understand. The Setry has 4 available user profiles that can be set up to get more accurate information on calorie expenditure, recovery test data and body fat & BMI readings. The 12.7cm (5″) two-colour high-contrast backlit LCD display provides live exercise feedback including heart rate, calorie burn, speed, distance, intensity and more so you can monitor your workout from start to finish. The 12 pre-set programmes are scalable on 32 different levels allowing you to set your own difficulty for each workout so your favourite programme will always present a challenge, while the user-defined programme allows you to easily create your own custom workout which is then automatically saved for use at any time later. There is also a built in heart rate receiver for use with a wireless chest belt transmitter (sold separately) and a heart rate control function with quick settings for 55%, 75% and 90% of maximum heart rate as well as a flexible user-defined target rate. In addition, a watt based programme, which is also user programmable, is available. This array of training options ensures the Setry provides a wide range of exercise intensity suitable for multiple users. Extra-large footplates and a fully adjustable seat ensure that your training is both comfortable and safe, helping you to maintain the correct posture for strengthening of the core muscles.The Viavito Setry is a space-saving, low-impact, whisper-quiet, multi-function hybrid C.V machine which, due to its design and the addition of leg levellers, is very sturdy and stable even on uneven surfaces.




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