VX18 Multi Gym (Silver Frame/Black Upholstery)


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The VX-18 sets the standard for single-stack weight machines. The Vectra Fitness VX-18 is the ultimate home gym; having undergone many design improvements since its introduction in 1987 as the On-Line 1500. Even then; it revolutionized the industry with features such as the patented ‘no cable change’ On-Line system. No one had experienced a machine like this – more versatile; comfortable; smooth; more solid than anything before. INNOVATION You’ll find that the VX-18; like all Vectra products; is the result of much forethought. Our engineers have gone through the What if we.” stage over and over before coming to a final solution. This is clear when you realise that this sturdy machine is the embodiment of so many patents; each of which contains a multitude of patent claims. Some of the features you’ll appreciate include the flat; standard Olympic height bench that rolls away from the press station; turning the VX-18 into a two-user machine by incorporating the vast group of exercises that can be performed with dumbbells. The VX-18; as well as it’s multi stack equivalents; the 3850 and 4850; include the patented Parallelogram Direct-Drive press arm system. The press arm lifts the weight stack directly; this eliminates ‘sponge’ (movement of the bar before resistance is encountered) and reduces cable wear. But the real benefit is the motion; the parallelogram generates an arc similar to the natural motion for a correctly performed free-weight bench press. And like all stations on the VX-18; the weight is lifted at a direct 1:1 ratio; allowing you to measure your strength progress in actual pounds instead of unrelated ‘units’.”


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