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The Professional, as the name suggests, is a top-quality full-size table tennis table from Walker and Simpson. The top is made from a thick 15mm multi-layered MDF top, this ensures a high-quality bounce which is also very receptive to spin. This table is of very high quality and constructed using sturdy 30mm thick box steel, making it a substantial piece of kit. The table has a solo play mode – one half can be folded vertically for single play without a partner. The table can then be easily put into storage mode by folding the other half of the table up. Both halves of the table can then be moved independently making it simple to manoeuvre into storage. The flat feet positioned at the ends of the table are height adjustable by 3cm which means a level playing surface can be achieved even on an uneven floor. A full set of accessories are included meaning you will be ready to play as soon as you receive the table. Accessories include net and post, 2 high spin bats and finally some balls.



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