Workbench Leg Press Accessory


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The Powertec Workbench Leg Press Accessory is a fantastic addition to compatible Powertec strength training machines; attaching to your existing machine; enabling you to perform two key leg exercises – the leg press and calf raise. Compatible with the following Powertec strength equipment: Workbench Multi System Isolateral Arms (PTWBMS16YY/PTWBMS16BB); Isolateral Workbench Multi Press (PTWBMP16); Workbench Lever Gym (PTWBLS16YY/PTWBLS16BB); Workbench Utility Bench (PTWBUB16). Olympic Weight Plates are an optional extra (sold separately). The Power Rack Weight Storage Horn can be added for using standard weight plates (sold separately; PTWBPR16-WHA).


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