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Maximize your fitness potential and get the most out of every workout with the Xterra TRX3500 folding treadmill. Featuring a powerful and quiet 3.0HP motor, the treadmill makes light work of propelling the belt up to its maximum speed of 19kph (12mph). With a roomy 51cm (20″) x 152cm (60″) deck, the TRX3500 is suitable for users of different heights, whilst 2.4″ front and 1.8″ rear rollers help to keep noise levels down and reduce wear and tear to a minimum. Offering 12 levels of powered incline, the treadmill lets you increase the number of calories burned during each session. It has XTRASoft Deck cushioning system that responds to your movement and reduces impact making the TRX3500 both comfortable to run on and joint-friendly. At the centre of the console sits a clear 6.5″ LCD display enabling you to easily monitor your progress and achievements. Programme wise, there is a broad selection of 34 motivating workouts and the treadmill uses Bluetooth FTMS 4.0 connectivity to allow for training with popular workout apps such as Zwift, Kinomap, Wahoo SYSTM, Strava, Fitbit and more. Extra features include two cup holders, an accessory tray and a cooling fan, and the treadmill has a built-in sound system with stereo speakers to let you listen to heart-pumping tunes while exercising. Once you’re done with your workout, effortlessly fold the treadmill’s deck up using Lift Assist.




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