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The York Perform multi gym is a solid mid-range option designed for expanded functionality, improved workout stability and utmost safety while training solo. The machine provides a 100kg stack on all of the workout stations and it ensures superior motion smoothness thanks to the sealed bearings. Additionally, the upholstery is optimally padded and it ensures both proper support and stability while performing anatomically-correct reps. The multi-gym features a selection of stations including chest press, peck deck, leg extension, arm curl, lat pull and low rowing station to tackle all important muscle groups without leaving the seat. The machine ensures excellent safety and stability thanks to the Y-frame design and transparent weight stack shroud. **KEY FEATURES:** – Weight stack: 100kg (220lbs) – Maximum resistance: 100kg (220lbs) – Peck deck – Vertical chest press – Arm curl: 2 position height adjustable – Lat pull down/ hi-pulley – Seated row- low pulley – Leg extension –





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