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The Viavito TG400 FID utility weight bench is a great companion for all-round strength training and muscle building workouts. This multi-functional weight bench has a multi-position backrest and a 2-position seat, both of which can be easily and quickly adjusted to make your training sessions more effective and comfortable. It offers decline, flat, upright (top position 70 degrees) and 5 incline positions to let you target your core, torso, arms, abs, and shoulders, and can be used for a great variety of exercises such as bicep curls, triceps bench dips, chest flys, shoulder press, chest press, military press, back rows, decline push ups, sit ups and leg lowers. The TG400 is designed to help you build a balanced and muscular physique, increase strength and tone the entire body. Added support and stability during the most intense workouts are ensured by a sturdy steel construction and non-slip feet, whilst a generously padded seat and back support guarantee optimum comfort when exercising. There are also fixed foot/shin pads enabling you to anchor yourself securely for strict form while training your abdominals. Plus, this robust weight bench can handle a maximum load of 200kg (441lbs) including the user and boasts a compact, ergonomic design making it perfect for users with a limited workout space…




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