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The BodyTrain Power Rack is ideal for home fitness training to help safely build strength and push your limits when training with weights. Suitable for beginners all the way through to experienced athletes looking to safely performing weighted exercises with max loads. The BodyTrain Power Rack is easy to assemble, the heavy-duty steel square tubing has a chip-resistant black paint finish which is both durable and robust which helps the longevity of the rack. The rack is extra wide and has non-slip feet that protect hard flooring and offer stability and safety. With the flexibility of 18 different height adjustments for the barbell holders and safety spotter rails most users will be able to find the most comfortable, effective and safest set up possible. Weighted exercises are a great way to burn fat and increase lean muscle it is possible to safely perform shrugs, squats, chest presses, shoulder presses, finger rolls, chin-ups, pull-ups and many more exercises with the BodyTrain Power





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