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The DKN 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10kg vinyl kettlebell weight set makes a wonderful workout choice for staying in shape, building superior endurance, strength and impressive muscles. The kettlebells are available in different sizes and weight to ensure a versatile level of difficulty and engagement for separate users. They are suitable for all kinds of training styles including high intensity cardio workouts, plus with a comfortable and safe design, these anti-slip kettlebells can be lifted, swung, and pushed to create efficient results through diverse moves and different range of motion. The kettlebells are not susceptible to topping over or slipping due to premium vinyl coating and an anti-scratch base. The set features five kettlebells: 2kg/4.4lbs, 4kg/8.8lbs, 6kg/13.2lbs, 8kg/17.6lbs and 10kg/22lbs (+/-5%).




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