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The DKN 20kg vinyl kettlebell is a total body workout tool designed for developing functional strength, endurance, power, balance and stability. It is suitable for functional training and ballistic exercises combining cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. This 20kg/44lbs (+/-5%) ball-shaped weight has an ergonomically shaped handle providing a strong and comfortable grip. An anti-slip, non-scratch base of the kettlebell ensures added stability and prevents it from slipping or toppling over. The kettlebell is great for a wide variety of exercises such as the orbit, figure of eight, bent over row, goblet squat with swing, high pull, tricep press, clean and press, goblet squat with curl, snatch, swing, plank, the halo, lunge and press, windmill, and thruster. Plus, the kettlebell is sold individually and comes with a detailed workout chart to show you how to work out with it.




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