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Get a realistic on-the-water rowing experience in the comfort of your home using the DKN Riviera rowing machine which is designed to mimic the natural dynamics of a boat moving in a large body of water. This sleek and robust machine is fitted with a large water tank offering a capacity of 17 litres and has adjustable water resistance that naturally rises and falls as you row. Rowing faster increases the drag delivering more resistance and to decrease the intensity, simply row more slowly. The DKN Riviera not only helps to improve cardiovascular strength, heart and lung function, but also helps to tone and strengthen every major muscle group in your body. To simulate a real rowing motion, there are paddles located in the water tank and the Riviera features a clear LCD display to let you keep track of key workout data. For a comfortable workout, there are large footplates with adjustable straps and an ergonomic seat and the Riviera is also a great space-saver that can be stored upright and out of the way after your daily training session.




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