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The Dunlop Evo 500 is a sturdy and durable table tennis table designed for outdoor use. This fully weatherproof table with a strong steel frame is ready to withstand hours of intense play with family and friends. It is ideal for those who are new to the game or play recreationally and has a 4mm melamine resin top for a good bounce and easy playability. A playback facility allows for solo practice, whilst a rotating handle locking system helps to securely lock the table both in a storage and playing position. The table weighs 47.5kg (104.7lbs) and features practical bat and ball holders on both sides for storing 4 balls and 2 bats each. Plus, it offers an included net and post set that can remain on the table in the playback and storage positions. The Evo 500 ensures safe and space-efficient storage due to two foldable halves and 4 heavy-duty twin wheels making it easy to move around.




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