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FORCE USA Monster G20/G20-1 All In One Home/Commercial Trainer THE BIGGEST & BEST IN THE FORCE USA RANGE -The Force USA G20 is without doubt the biggest and best Commercial All-In -One Trainer in the Force USA range. It weighs in at 650kg and offers 11 strength training machines in one single power pack unit. This machine is for serious trainers who want to push themselves to the max. It is not recommended for beginners and those less powerful people SMITH MACHINE -When you move the bar up and down the commercial grade guide rail the smooth motion is outstanding even if you are able to lift its maximum capacity of 450kg. It has safety catches and mechanics galore, so you can train to your limit without a spotter. With 14 height positions you will always fine the right position to start your exercise. SQUAT RACK – If you prefer to lift a bar without the Smith Machine assistance then you have the choice of the G20 Power Rack. It provides 51 numbered positions for you bar so it will be suitable for most exercises and user heights. Again it comes with an array of safety hooks and a set of Monolifts. Monolifts remove the ‘walkout’ from the squat. When you squat you lift the bar off the rack and ‘walkout’ from the rack to perform the squat. With Monolifts you stay were you are and the rack moves away from you. It will allow you to use more of your energy performing the squat and it is safer when lifting maximum loads. Again the load rating on the Squat rack is 450kg. FUNCTIONAL TRAINER -The dual pulleys have 21 adjustable height positions allowing you to perform over 100 functional training exercises. You can use both pulleys together or just work from one side. The cable ratio is 1:1 so you will be lifting the exact weight on the twin stacks which is 130kg per stack. G20 LAT PULLDOWN – You can do a Lat Pulldown from one side of the functional trainer or you can link the specifically designed bars that come as standard to both pulleys and Lat Pulldown in the centre of the machine. G20-1 WITH OPTIONAL LAT PULLDOWN STATION – With the optional Lat Pulldown Station (G20-1) you get a dedicated lat pulldown/low row station with its own 130kg weight stack that is situated at the rear of the machine. When you purchase the G20-1 you can perform lat pulldowns and low rows exactly the same way as you do at the gym. You even get a foot brace to anchor you down so you can lift heavier weights. LEG PRESS – The Force USA G20 provides a Leg Press attachment plate that sits and locks onto the Smith bar. Then by lying on the floor or a bench you can push up the plate. The black coated checker plate provides a non slip surface and utilises the Smiths machines 14 starting and locking positions. The extra wide plate allows you to perform a narrow and wide stance leg press. Handles on the plate make it easy to remove from the Smith bar and place into storage. CORE TRAINER- The Core Trainer, also known as a Landmine allows you to perform functional, rotational and torso training, resulting in a number of unique upper and lower body exercises. An optional Olympic bar is required. The Core Trainer can be attached to either side of the gym so that you can optimise your gym space (barbell sold separately). MULTI GRIP CHIN & PULL UP BARS – The G20 has three chin up stations that can be used by three people at the same time. Perform pull ups, chin ups, wide grip, neutral and angled pull ups. Each chin up station has a 350kg user weight. VERSA PAD STATION (‘Booty Builder Bench’) – The “Booty Bench” padded plank bench allows a number of lower body, core and hip movements. Fits onto the main frame of the power rack to permit step-ups, hip thrusts, bench squats, plyo pushes, split squats, bent rows, tricep dips, single-leg lunges, and many more. DuraCore™ high-density foam padding wrapped in sewn rip-stop VorTex™ Upholstery. CORE RAISE – The specially designed calf block attachment will stretch and build your carves, improving strength, balance and stability in you’re ankles. WEIGHT STACKS – You get two 130kg weight stacks as standard with the G20. Three if you go for the optional low row/lat pulldown station (G20-1). The cable ratio is 1:1 so you lift the exact weight on the stack. These precision laser cut weight plates have magnetic selector pins. Think you will need more weight, then add power bands to the 4 x band pegs on the top and bottom of the weight stack. ACCESSORIES – You get a whole range of accessories and training handles when you buy the G20. These include: Lat Pulldown bar, 2 Metal D- Handles, 2 Nylon D- Handles, Tricep Rope, Tricep V Bar, Short Straight Bar, Double ended straight bar, close grip row handle, extension chains, spring collars 50mm, Oly lock collar, core trainer, leg press plate, 1 Multi Grip Chin Bar, 2 Globe Grip Multi Grip Chin Bars, exercise chart, J-Hooks with Polymer Barbell Protection, Front Safety Spotter Arms, Band Pegs, Booty Builder Pad, Monolift, SawTooth Adjustable Bar, Hammer Grip Bar, Calf Block, Knee Support for Lat Pulldown, Dip Handles (only with Lat & Low Row Attachment). DIP BARS Only with the optional Lat Attachment Station (G20-1) – Blast you triceps, shoulders and pecs with the multi grip dipping bars positioned in the centre of the optional Lat Station. FEATURES SPECIFICATIONS WARRANTY FEATURES 2 x 130kg 1:1 Ration weight stacks Smith Machine with 450kg weight capacity Squat Rack with 450kg weight capacity Leg Press Attachment Functional Trainer Landmine Core Trainer Mono Lifts Versa Pad Station 3 x Multi Grip Chin Up Stations with 350kg weight capacity Knee Support for Lat Pulldown T-Bar/V-Bar Row (using optional Olympic Barbell) Suspension Trainer Rig and Stirrup Attachment Low/Row Station Safety J Hooks Safety arms Band pegs Dual independent cables Bar and attachment storage Accessories Exercise Chart Optional Lat Pulldown/Low Row/Dipping Station Size Exterior W x 190cm D x 170cm H x 231cm (75″ x 67″ x 91″) Size Interior W x 100cm D x 152cm H x 213cm (39.3″ x 60″ H x 84″) Size with Lat Pulldown/Low Row W x 190cm D x 241cm H x 231cm (75″ x 95″ x 91″) Please note that you will require additional work space for such things as placing weight discs onto the bar, bench and chin up head space Product weight 650kg Product weight with Lat Station 895kg SPECIFICATION Heavy Gauge Rolled Steel tubing Eco-friendly commercial grade powder coat 6.2mm nylon coated mil-spec aircraft quality cables tested to 1000lb (454kg) Laser cut precision components. Pulley ratio 1:1. Weight Rating: Smith Machine 450kg, Squat Rack 450kg J Hooks 450kg Cables 909kg (2000lb) Product weight 650kg Product weight with Lat Station 895kg WARRANTY Home & Light Commercial. Lifetime Frame, 2 Year Moving Parts, 90 Days Upholstery Free Delivery Options Two Man delivery on this product – due to heavy weight (we will call you to arrange a suitable date) Installation Service Installation service available – click for details Confused by all the options? Call the store FREE on 0800 4580 081



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