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Bring muscle growth to the next level with the Fuel KS300 home studio multi-gym – a functional trainer designed with a smaller footprint, yet the same level of flexibility offered by commercial models. The arm press and backrest can be adjusted to create more workout variety, and the multi-gym encourages a complete body workout with exercises such as chest Press, fly, pulldowns, rows, ab crunches and leg extensions. It is also great for functional training, thanks to adjustable cable arms offering added movement angles. **KEY FEATURES:** – Designed for comprehensive full-body strength training – Offers a variety of exercises to stimulate optimal growth of different muscle groups – Workout Stations: Lat pulldown, chest press, row, butterfly, abdominal crunch, leg curl, bicep curl, leg extension – Multi-grip chest and shoulder press – Ball-bearing pulleys for a smooth and even action – High, low, and side pulleys for effective functional training – Robust and stable steel frame –





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