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The Smith Cage is the first Inspire product ever made, and is an incredible one-time investment. Built to last, it is one of the most innovative and adaptive strength systems on the market. The SCS is a 3 in 1 functional trainer, comprising a dual adjustable pulley, power rack and Smith machine, all in one unit. It offers an array of exercises for a complete and balanced workout. The SCS dual racking system allows you to safely rack both the Smith bar and your own free weight Olympic bar simultaneously. The shift from Smith machine to free weight is stunningly seamless. The SCS has a starting resistance of just 13.6kg (30lbs), enabling both beginners and advanced lifters to enjoy the best effects of the Inspire SCS gym. Fifteen steel lockout points make this strength machine a hugely popular choice for those seeking a reliable solution for solo training, regardless of ability and experience. Like the Smith station, the Inspire SCS power rack has 15 solid steel bar hooks that





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