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The Ironman 60kg Standard Three-Piece Barbell Set is an ideal complement to even the most serious trainers home gym. This incredible value set includes a 150cm (5 foot) by 25mm (one-inch) standard three-piece barbell plus a very versatile 14 heavy-duty standard weight plates. The weight plates included are eight of each 5kg plates plus six of each 2.5kg plates these are cast iron and finished with a chip resistant black paint finished. Two shake-proof spinlock collars are provided to keep the weight secure during your workouts. The solid, chrome-plated steel bar has Ergonomic textured handle grips to make your hands feel more comfortable and secure while your pumping iron and is wide enough to use different width grips. The three-piece design allows easy transportation and storage but is also very secure due to the hex bolt locking system. (Allen key supplied) The bar weighs 5kg (which makes up part of the 60kg of the set) and extra weight can be added up to the max load of 100kg.



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