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The PowerTech S4000 is a user friendly indoor training bike with a very competitive price tag. It offers all of the important features that you would find on the high end spin bikes used in your gym classes at a fraction of the price. To ensure a correct riding position is obtained the S4000 has a height adjustable handlebar and a 2 way adjustable seat position. Having the bike set up correctly is vital for a successful workout as it reduces strain on the knees and being comfortable will also enable you to train for longer. The tension is controlled by a simple turn of the tension knob. This works the same way as the gym studio bikes in that it applies friction to the flywheel and it also doubles as an emergency brake when pressed down. Just like the bikes in the gym the flywheel gearing is fixed meaning that the flywheel and pedals are directly connected allowing you to really build up the cadence even when you test yourself with higher tension settings. The 13kg flywheel is belt driv



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