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The ProForm Carbon utility bench with 20kg cast iron dumbbell set has been designed to provide a broader scope of exercising when setting up a home gym, while fulfilling all fitness requirements to create a truly pleasurable and efficient workout experience. The utility bench is a highly functional choice for individuals who want to focus on the quality of workout movement, since it provides 10 different backrest positions to ensure a high level of precision when targeting isolated muscle groups. With 6 different incline and 2 decline positions, as well as an upright and flat position, the bench is suitable for building a well-defined silhouette by performing a variety of staple exercises such as: bicep curls, triceps bench dips, chest flys, shoulder press, military press, chest press. That being said, this robust and versatile bench is complemented with a cast iron dumbbell set which allows for developing superior upper body strength, increased endurance and rock-hard chiselled muscles in a safe and confident manner. The dumbbell set includes 12 weight plates, 2 chrome bars, 4 chrome precision-machined spinlock collars and it weighs 20kg (44lbs) in total. The plates included in the set boast a durable black finish and feature an embossed weight marks, whereas the knurled handles ensure a precise and confident grip whilst performing heavy reps.




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