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The ProForm Carbon Ultimate Strength package is designed for safe free-weight workouts and versatile strength training sessions. It includes two heavy-duty pieces of gym equipment: the ProForm Carbon adjustable utility weight bench and the ProForm Carbon power rack XL. The multi-functional weight bench is fully adjustable thanks to its 10-position backrest with 2 decline, flat, upright (top position 90 degrees) and 6 incline positions and an adjustable 6-position seat. For added comfort and support during challenging training sessions, the bench has a generously padded (45mm) high-density foam backrest, whilst a sturdy steel frame makes it both solid and stable. The utility bench is perfect for a wide range of exercises such as bicep curls, triceps bench dips, chest flys, shoulder press, military press, chest press, back rows, decline push ups, and leg lowers. Made for safe and effective squat training, the ProForm Carbon power rack XL offers a sturdy 4 post rack design and 28 bar height settings. It can be used with 7ft (213cm) standard and 7ft (213cm) Olympic bars and ensures extra security during free weight barbell exercises thanks to rugged square tubes, two robust J hooks with plastic bushing and two adjustable spotter catchers. Excellent for building explosive power and muscular physique, the rack boasts a multi-grip pull-up station for wide and narrow grip exercises, as well as a resistance band attachment and a landmine attachment for an Olympic-sized barbell. Plus, it has 6 weight plate storage pegs allowing for convenient storage and great organization of your Olympic (2″) discs.




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