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The DKN Studio 9000 multi gym with leg press enables safe and comfortable workouts thanks to the adjustable frame and upholstery and allows for performing exercises such as a chest press, a shoulder press, a low pulley row, bicep curls, pulldowns, leg extensions or inner / outer leg kicks. It is great for developing all areas of your body and comes supplied with a leg press to help you build the quadriceps, as well as to ensure proper leg and back positioning. Over 20 exercises possible (crunch, low pulley row, front and lateral shoulder raise, lat pull down, inner and outer leg kick, seated shoulder press, abdominal leg raise, narrow-grip pull down, standing biceps curl and standing leg curl, butterfly and more) High Pull Maximum Effective Load: 115kg (253.5lbs) Butterfly Maximum Effective Load: 78kg (172lbs) Back Maximum Effective Load: 131kg (289lbs) Rower Maximum Effective Load: 150kg (330.7lbs) Quadriceps Maximum Effective Load: 165kg (363.7lbs) Abdominals Maximum Effective Load:



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