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The Viavito 99kg black cast iron barbell and dumbbell weight set provides an excellent way to level of your strength workout with additional possibilities and increased challenge. It includes a wider selection of weight plates for a greater degree of control over the weight increments, which is paramount while creating a fine sense of progress when training on a regular basis. Furthermore, the plates are extremely robust, as well as aesthetically made thanks to the black cast iron material, plus the embossed markings allow for a quick identification in the heat of a workout. The weight discs are accompanied by a pair of chromium plated dumbbell bars, as well as a 6ft standard barbell. The dumbbell bars offer a nice ergonomic feel, next to a confident grip provided by a diamond shape knurling. The barbell is also chrome plated, and it ensures a solid maximum weight capacity of 120kg (264.5lbs). Additionally, after finishing training it can be disassembled into two separate parts to save up space, and it can fit all standard weight plates with a 1” diameter hole. Both bars and the dumbbell are supplied with a set of spinlock collars for optimal safety and stability during workout. The collars are very easy to use – and placing them on effectively prevents the plates from moving and disturbing training.




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