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Whether you want to trim down or bulk up, the TX1000 GT 2 piece Olympic barbell weight bench is a great choice for developing strength and toning both upper and lower body muscles. This exceptionally sturdy piece of equipment is built for the toughest workouts and comes with an independent squat stand with 9 bar rest positions and adjustable spotter catchers for extra safety and stability when benching and squatting. This highly versatile weight bench has a rugged steel construction and features an adjustable preacher curl pad and a curl yoke bar for effective bicep training. To let you easily adjust the bench from decline, through flat to 4 incline positions (top backrest position 60 degrees), there is a 50mm (1.9″) thick padded high-density foam backrest, whereas the padded 6-roll leg developer enables you to increase strength in your quads, glutes and hamstrings. The heavy-duty squat stand can be used with 7ft (213cm) standard and Olympic barbells and has a height adjustment range of 119cm-160cm (46.8″-63″) to provide challenge and variety for users of different heights. Plus, there are tough, non-skid feet for added stability and floor protection and the weight bench holds a maximum load of 260kg (573lbs) including the user. The TX1000 is perfect for exercises such as bench press, incline bench press, shoulder press, bicep curl, incline bicep curl, preacher curl, leg extension, leg curl, and squat.




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