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The Viavito VX1000 GTR is a heavy-duty multi-function Olympic barbell bench with a built-in rack and a robust steel tube frame. This highly versatile bench can be easily adjusted to decline, flat, upright (top position 74 degrees) and 6 incline settings thanks to its 3-position backrest and a 4-position seat enabling you to get the ultimate in a customizable workout. To help you work up a sweat and push yourself into more challenging weight ranges safely, there are sturdy Akimbo style uprights with 7 bar rest positions in 10cm (4″) increments. The bench is compatible with 7ft (213cm) standard and Olympic barbells and allows for a variety of exercises including bench press, incline bench press, chest press, shoulder press, incline bicep curl, preacher curl, leg extension and leg curl. Maximum comfort and support during the most intense training sessions is ensured by an oversized bench pad with a 50mm (1.9″) thick high-density foam padding. An adjustable preacher curl pad makes total arm exercises simple and effective, whereas a padded 6-roll leg developer enables you to target hamstrings, glutes and quads for superior leg results. Added security during classic barbell exercises is delivered by bar catchers with safety latches and the VX1000 includes an Olympic sleeve for the weight plate holder on the leg developer. The weight bench can handle a maximum load of 270kg (595.2lbs) including the user…




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