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The Xterra ERG600W rowing machine features a horizontal water tank with 16 impeller blades to mimic the natural dynamics of a boat moving through water and provide a real rowing feel and sound. To let you tailor intensity of your rowing sessions, the rower offers 6 levels of user-controlled water resistance, whilst a solid steel frame and a smooth action dual rail system ensure added safety and stability. Fitted with a clear 5.5″ LCD display with height and angle adjustment, the ERG600W delivers a wide range of workout information in real time to help you keep track of and monitor your performance. To help you stay focused on the goal, the rowing machine emits a relaxing sound of moving water and has a selection of 6 motivating programmes and a recovery mode. The machine guarantees quick and accurate heart rate readings thanks to a built-in wireless receiver that can be used with an optional chest strap. To maximize comfort during intense training sessions, the ERG600W boasts a 13.5″ (34cm) high, densely padded seat, adjustable flex pedals and an ergonomic padded handle. Once you’ve finished your workout, you can easily fold the rower up and effortlessly move it around using the built-in transportation wheels.




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