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The BodyTrain Adjustable Squat & Bench Press Rack is ideal for home fitness weight training allowing users to perform squats and bench press exercises safely and comfortably. The fully adjustable design has 7 barbell heights and 7 width positions with built in adjustable safety spotters the BodyTrain rack provides a great, versatile solution for home gyms allowing users to take their weight training to the next level. Another great feature of the BodyTrain Adjustable Squat & Bench Press Rack are the dip bars that are attached to the rear side of the rack, by adjusting the width of the rack to a narrow setting users can perform dips in a comfortable position. Dips are another fantastic compound exercise and one of the best for targeting your triceps and chest muscles. The BodyTrain Adjustable Squat & Bench Press Rack is fully adjustable and making it suitable for people of various heights. The width of the rack can be adjusted from 66.5cm to 113.5cm, meaning it can be used with 5ft, 6ft



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