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The Viavito 20kg Black Cast Iron dumbbell set with a 4ft EZ curl bar brings a complete workout system for those who are interested in starting a new journey with free weights, or veterans wanting to expand their routine with additional tools and maximise their workout efficiency. The set guarantees an excellent way of building an impressive physique with versatile routines that’ll include all major muscle groups and target them efficiently for optimal growth and results. The set features a selection of weight plates to meticulously prepare for the next set of reps – each made with a flake-resistant, matt finish to ensure long-lasting use. Furthermore, there are high-grip, knurled bars that provide a firm and confident grip even when the palms are sweaty, whilst the chrome plating offers superior corrosion resistance, as well as an excellent aesthetic. Also, to prevent the plates from wobbling around and to ensure a secure fit, the set features reliable, precision-machines spinlock collars that make plate swapping incredibly easy and smooth. Apart from the dumbbells bars, the set includes a 4ft EZ curl bar which is compatible with included plates as well as with any plates that have a 1-inch diameter hole. It can be used to build a solid barbell offering a maximum weight capacity of 150kg (330lbs). The bar is also chrome-plated to prevent rust and comes with a pair of spinlock collars to keep your training steady and focused.




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