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The Viavito Studio Pro 2000 Olympic Barbell weight bench and 80kg weight set fills the gap for reliable and versatile home gym equipment designed with ambitious weightlifters in mind. The robust and customisable Olympic weight bench provides everything necessary for a stable, safe, and effective workout. With 5 distinctive positions: decline, flat, and 3 incline positions, and top backrest position of 50 degrees, you can perform multiple exercises targeting all essential muscle groups in the upper portion of the body. For the lower body, there is a padded 6-roll total leg developer so you can target quadriceps, hamstrings, as well as glutes. The bench features also adjustable spotter arms for safe and comfortable workout. Additionally, the bench includes robust pegs for storing, managing, and preparing weight plates for the next lifting session. The set manifests a complete weightlifting experience by offering a generous weight plate selection, as well as a high-quality, chrome-plated barbell bar compatible with 2″ Olympic plates. The rubber crumb bumper structure of the plates protects the floor from accidental drops.These IWF size-approved plates are excellent for building muscles and strength, especially when used in conjunction with the Studio Pro 2000, and the 7ft. robust, scratch-resistant barbell bar.




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