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The Viavito SX200 folding barbell weight bench with a 50kg (110lbs) cast iron weight set ensures a premium home workout experience by combining reliability, safety, comfort and functionality into a complete weightlifting package for beginners. The SX200 provides four easily adjustable exercising positions to provide an array of possibilities when it comes to targeting and developing muscle groups. There are two incline positions, as well as a decline and flat position to ensure a broader potential of hitting all important muscles with maximum efficiency. The bench is suitable for 5ft and 6ft barbells and guarantees a comfortable way of performing such exercises as: bench press, bicep curls, shoulder press and their incline variations. Furthermore, the bench features a padded leg developer for building impressive leg muscles by performing leg extensions and curls with a maximum weight load of 30kg (66lbs). The bench has a very comfortable and sturdy backrest to provide the proper support and to ensure the correct body position. It can handle a maximum of 180kg (397lbs) including the user, and it really shines in home style gyms since it can be conveniently folded to save up space after workout. The weight set from Viavito serves as the perfect companion for the bench with cast iron plates, bars and spinlock collars. It allows for performing all exercises on the bench whether increasing strength, building muscles or improving your fitness is the goal. The plates boast a durable black finish and feature an embossed weight marks for easy identification, whilst the chrome knurled bars offer a confident and robust grip to perform all the reps with maximum precision and consistency. The 50kg (110lbs) represents the total weight of all items included in the set.




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