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The York Fitness B501 Barbell Bench is a great entry-level home training bench with the fly arms providing a great addition. The bench folds when not in use to save space so ideal for use in bedroom or garage. The bench has two incline positions along with a flat position for varying barbell exercises. Pectoral exercises can be performed on the side mounted butterfly arms. This can be plate loaded up to 15kg (each side) with standard 1″ weight plates. Spring collars are included so that the plates can be securely loaded. The leg curl works in the same way with a max weight of 35kg. The cushioned foam roller pads help to protect your ankles. The barbell rack has retaining hooks keeping the bar in place ensuring safe weight plate changes. **Specification** Easy adjustable backrest with 3 workout positions 2 Incline workout positions 1 Flat Position Barbell rack with barbell hooks Butterfly arms can be loaded with 1″ Standard Weight Plates Leg curl unit can be loaded with 1″ Standard





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