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This tough and durable 1-piece bench with a heavy-duty construction allows for a more targeted lift and offers multiple weight take-off positions making it perfect for users with varying arm lengths. Correct and secure positioning is ensured by a practical tibia adjuster, whilst a densely padded backrest guarantees optimal comfort and support during strength training and powerlifting workouts. Angled at 15 degrees, it enables you to gain muscle and activate pectoralis and lower pecs while placing less strain on the shoulders and back. An integrated foot bar lets you secure your legs when exercising, whereas 8 storage pegs provide storage and proper organisation of your Olympic (2″) weight plates. -Sturdy 1-piece Olympic barbell bench -Angled at 15 degrees for effective muscle stimulation -Less strain on the back and shoulders -Helps to activate lower pectoral muscles -Allows for a more targeted lift -Multiple weight take-off points -Tibia adjuster for confident





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