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The Viavito Strength System combined with the DKN Tri-Grip Olympic weight set provides a complete, versatile selection of equipment designed for building an impressive physique and training all the important muscle groups from your home workout studio. The utility bench paired up with the adjustable stands featuring barbel spotter catchers is an absolute must-have for developing strength, gaining more muscle mass and establishing an efficient training regiment that involves many exercises favoured by bodybuilders such as chest, shoulder and tricep press, squat, military press, flys, back row and many more. The bench features eight distinct backrest options and two separate seat positions which allow the user to configure it precisely and target designated muscle groups. Both bench and the stands are designed to last and provide a comfortable, safe and secure workout for all levels of expertise. A selection of tri-grip weight plates, a 7ft Olympic barbell bar and compatible spring collars included in the set provide a spot-on approach to training without cluttering your workout space with unnecessary equipment. The chrome bar with knurling ensures a comfortable and firm grip, whereas the collars lock the weight plates tightly to secure proper posture and avoid injuries. The weight plates are extremely durable and easy to load onto the bar thanks to an elaborate tri-grip design.




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